Check Out Our Night Hunting Trip Packages

Are you someone who loves action packed adventures? If so, you will enjoy our trips at Night Vision Hog Guide LLC.

Packages We Offer

You can choose from the different options below so that you will get an experience that matches your needs.

What to Bring For Your Trip:

  • Waterproof Boots
  • Red or Green Hat Light Headlamp
  • Camo Clothing that is quiet
  • Coolers with Ice
  • Drinks/Snacks
  • Guide Gratuity

This is the perfect package for larger groups, each hunter can harvest one hog per night. Additional hogs can be harvested for $100 each. You will ride our hunting vehicles and drive through the darkness searching for wild hogs with our thermal optics. Once the hogs are spotted, the stalk is on.

We require a minimum of two hunters and highly recommend hunting at least two nights to get plenty of time in the field.

You can do your best to harvest every hog you see in this safari-style hunt. We will drive through the darkness in hunting vehicles as we search for wild hogs with our thermal optics. As soon as we spot the hogs, the stalk is on and you can do your best to harvest as many as possible.

A minimum of two hunters is required, and our team recommends hunting for at least two nights so that you can get plenty of time in the field.

Combine any of our hog hunting packages with a fishing trip for alligator gar. You can hunt at night while the hogs are most active and fish during the day for monster prehistoric alligator gar.